This site celebrates our love for dogs, and our passion for Poodles. photo (2)Whenever we breed, we look for health, temperament and beauty. We do not do this for a living, and in fact have only one or two litters each year. Our strategy has been to start with the best female we can find, and then breed to the best male we can afford.

Everyone loves beauty and we are no exception, however it’s important to us that health and temperament come first. That is why we health test both parents before breeding.  No cost has been spared and every precaution has been taken to produce the healthiest puppies possible, to ensure a long, happy and pain-free life. Temperament is extremely important. We do not breed hyper, shy or aggressive dogs. Our Poodles are confident, calm and very trainable. We believe this will give them the best chance to make excellent companions and Therapy dogs.

We are located on California’s beautiful Central Coast. We do not ship our puppies because we prefer to meet the new owners.

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